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For over 13 years New Horizons have been offering the best kids’ play equipment from the leading manufacturers of the world. We custom create, install and maintain indoor play systems and play areas, toddler attractions, air cannons pavilions, and more! We offer an exclusive design of the multi-level indoor play systems and outdoor play systems for children. We are able to create and implement custom themed design for a limited play area or a large-scale multi-level construction for more than 100 sq.m. Our company offers a unique play solution for the shopping malls – interactive indoor soft carousels “4Kids”. We offer our customers highest quality equipment for outdoor playgrounds and adventure play systems. Being the official representative of Lappset (Finland), we are proud to introduce the quality wooden playground equipment, such as: slides, swings and carousels, rocking-balancers, sandboxes, and playhouses to the Russian market. We offer a variety of playgrounds for the tinies, outdoor play towers for every taste, sports playgrounds for children and adults, unique in it’s own league themed playground equipment. Lappset playgrounds can not only help you to keep yourself in a good shape, but also to become a part of parkour fellowship. Private customers or rental points owners will be offered go-karts and trampolines by Berg (Holland). Our expanding range of go-karts includes the go-karts for 3 year olds, four-wheel leisure go-karts, and commercial go-karts for rental points. Berg trampolines are versatile and safe fitness equipment for the whole family, as well as great play equipment for starting your own business.


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